Jeff Wyatt Wilson is a filmmaker in Nashville, Tennessee. He's worked in major films and TV productions and, most recently, filmed a documentary following the American Songwriter and BMI sponsored Ten Out of Tenn Tour. This feature film, Any Day Now, premiered to a packed theatre at the Nashville Film Festival. He took a quick breather from his current projects to answer our questions. How and when did you get your start in filmmaking. My father, Jerry Wyatt Wilson, has always been an amateur photographer and filmmaker; shooting everything from 35mm photography to various 8mm film cameras. As a child we would watch films he had shot in the ‘60s and ‘70s on an old 8mm projector. He captured unbelievable black and white footage of his family, friends-even rare footage of President John F. Kennedy riding in his limo around the track of the football field at Vanderbilt University. These images were extremely impressionable and never left me. The sound of the projector, the mystique silence, aesthetic and voyeuristic vibe was extremely attractive to me. When I was 13 my father bought a VHS camcorder which I quickly acquired and declared as "mine." Immediately my friend Bryce Phillips and I began recreating films that influenced us as kids; re-writing screenplays, making shot lists, and scoring our films with wherever we could get our hands on. When I entered college I knew I wanted to make films for a living, so I minored in English with an Emphasis in Film Theory. Upon graduating in 1996 with a B.S. in Advertising, I attained an internship with Studio Productions whereas I got my first taste of real filmmaking: learning the basics of production technique, lighting, location sound recording, cameras, lens', film stocks, etc. While interning at Studio Productions and working on commercials with Jim May, Jim Varney, Carden and Cherry, I had gotten wind that Harmony Korine, writer of the cult film KIDS, was heading... Sign In to Keep Reading

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