Are Pearl Jam and Target Joining Forces?

Pearl Jam rock Tonight tonight.


On May 28, Pearl Jam, without prior announcement, performed at the Showbox Theater in Seattle. The crowd contained 300 hired extras, many of whom were from the area's unemployed ranks. After entering the venue, the extras soon discovered they were not there for a private concert. Pearl Jam was filming a commercial for Target with Cameron Crowe at the theater to direct filming.

According to the website Antiquiet, most famous for leaking Chinese Democracy , Pearl Jam played a new song from their yet untitled album for the commercial, originally labeled "Something's Going On," now more likely to be titled "The Fixer."

Rumors are swirling that Pearl Jam will release their album exclusively at Target stores. The deal would only apply to retail sales, so fans will still be able to purchase the album directly from the band or their fan club. This change in sales marketing would signify a big step for the anti-corporate band. Regardless of whether the band titles the new song "Something's Going On" or "The Fixer," fans can expect to hear Pearl Jam debut the song on Conan O'Brien's inaugural Tonight Show debut scheduled to air tonight.


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