U2 Caught in a War Over Radio Royalties?

The musicFIRST Coalition wants to give the drummer some. The musicFIRST Coalition wants to give the drummer some. The musicFIRST Coalition has asked the FCC to investigate radio stations that have allegedly refused to play songs by musicFIRST artists and supporters due to an ongoing battle over royalties for musicians. Congress is debating the signing of a bill that would require radio stations to pay musicians royalties for playing their songs on air; currently, only the writer(s) and the publisher of the song receives a royalty when their songs are plaid on the radio. The bill, dubbed the Performance Rights Act, is currently opposed by the National Association of Broadcasters, which represents the radio industry. The AP posted an article today, suggesting that U2's last single, "Get on Your Boots," may have been blackballed by some radio stations, due to the fact that U2 frontman Bono has been a vocal supporter of the Performance Rights Act. Here's an excerpt from the AP article: . . . WASHINGTON — Which top-selling artist purportedly had his new single yanked from some radio stations playlists in retaliation for supporting royalties for... Sign In to Keep Reading

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