Shane German, Artist Manager For SoundExchange

rs_shane Shane German is artist manager for SoundExchange, an independent, nonprofit performance rights organization that is designated by the U.S. Copyright Office to collect and distribute digital performance royalties. A representative from the SoundExchange, one of the sponsors of Next Big Nashville, is scheduled to appear on a conference panel. The group will also have a NBN booth, where artists can sign up for the service. What does SoundExchange do. SoundExchange collects royalties for recording artists and copyright holders when their music is played on digital services or the Internet.  Day to day, our executive staff members appear on panels and educate the industry about SoundExchange and performance rights, and keep our whole organization running. Our distribution operations staff processes millions of performances a year, and our membership and royalty departments ensure all artists and rights holders receive the most accurate payments possible. Our licensing professionals strive to make getting a performance license an uncomplicated task for service providers. I and my colleagues in our outreach and external affairs department, are constantly spreading the word to unregistered artists and rights holders, and getting the word out about performance rights in the music community. Why was SoundExchange created. In 1998, recording artists and copyright holders were granted their first-ever rights to compensation when their track is played on SIRIUS-XM, by webcasters, or digitally transmitted a bunch of other ways.  The Copyright Royalty Board, which is appointed by The U.S. Library of Congress, said SoundExchange was the best organization to take care of collecting those... Sign In to Keep Reading

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