“Futurehit.DNA” Author Jay Frank


Jay Frank is currently the SVP of Music Strategy for Country Music Television, a division of MTV Networks. At CMT, he oversees the implementation of music across all platforms, including TV, web, mobile and VOD. The new synergy he is developing is changing the face of country music as he identifies future country hits through active monitoring of all platforms. This has lead to increased TV ratings, online video views, and record setting metrics for the 2008 CMT Music Awards. "Futurehit.DNA" is his first book.

Where did the seed for the idea for "Futurehit.DNA" come from.

The ideas behind "Futurehit.DNA" came about several years ago. I was watching certain songs and artists exploding faster than others. I was also seeing other songs having difficulty gaining traction. As I was pondering this, I started noticing some patterns between the successful songs. Most notable was the shorter introductions. When I started applying it, I found that it was more often than not a more accurate predictor of hit potential than previous ideas. From there, as I explored the "why" behind it, I stumbled upon other patterns.

From there, I discussed these rough ideas with several label executives, producers and songwriters. Everyone I discussed it with was blown away by the ideas and surprised they hadn't thought of it. I then started the rough draft and the more I exposed it to industry players, the more they encouraged me on the importance of getting this book out to every musician, songwriter, producer and artist.

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