Industry Profile: Heavy Rotation Records

rs_hrrecords Heavy Rotation Records (HRR), a student-run record label at Berklee College of Music, celebrated its 10th annual Epic Event and Dorm Sessions 7 CD release concert on February 10. Advised by renowned faculty member Jeff Dorenfeld, HRR provides music business/management majors at Berklee with hands-on training for careers in the industry. Because HRR allows students to hone their skills in marketing, sales, web development, media and accounting while working towards their degrees, many alumni of the program have gone on to work for big name companies like Universal, Live Nation, AEG Live, Capitol, DreamWorks, Interscope, BMG and Rightsflow. Since 1995 HRR has released 12 albums, including Dorm Sessions 1-7 and Shekinah: 13 Artists. Featured artists from these albums – such as St. Vincent, members of Passion Pit, the Click Five, Big D & the Kids Table and Madi Diaz – are boasting mentionable careers as musicians. So how does this student-run organization work. Both Dorenfeld and student co-director Cierra Walker enlightened us. Since 1998 Dorenfeld has inspired Berklee students inside and outside the classroom. He states, “I feel the most important asset I bring to a class is my experience,” and he prides himself in working with former students – he and John Czajkowski won the University Continuing Education Association’s award for best online college course for “Concert/Touring” in 2008. When he took over the role of adviser to HRR, he wanted to “offer something new and fresh for a major label to work with,” as well as to “enable the students to work with executives from the label.” So he and former Epic Records colleague Dan Beck,... Sign In to Keep Reading

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