Shelby Lynne, “Alibi”

lotw_shelby_photoby_Randee St. Nicholas

I know that look in you eye
Iʼve seen it before
Think Iʼd be used to it now
But I beg for more
I know youʼve been staying out late
I hear you when you come in
I pretend to be sleeping so we donʼt have to act like friends

My nights are not the only, lonely time
Morningʼs just me and the birds
I cry, and look out the window.
And I just canʼt wait to hear
your Alibi

I know I donʼt know her
but I bet she looks good,
Probably got a fancy job
and works in an office like you
And Iʼm sure she donʼt have time to think about
who youʼre married to
poor girl, Iʼm sure itʼs hard enough
to concentrate on you


Starched white shirts, perfect clean house
you never noticed it anyhow
when she gets through dragging you dry
looking for a shoulder, a safe place to cry
well Iʼm over here baby, look in my eye
Cause this is the last time Iʼll listen to your