Zoom Q3 Video Recorder

LIST PRICE: $199.00

Currently, there are so many small, easy-to-use video cameras available, that the kids of our generation will likely become either the best, or worst, filmmakers we’ve ever seen. At the very least, it’s safe to guess they will be documenting themselves along the way. This Zoom Q3 from Samson is an opportunity for them to have quality audio recordings to pair with their videos. Behold, there is a top-mounted condenser mic on the Zoom Q3 (the same condenser used in Samson’s pro-grade voice recorder), which records sonic waves in stereo and stores them on an SD card as MP3 (or linear PCM) files. Compared to the aisles of video cameras currently capturing sound with cell phone-quality microphones, this is a pocket-sized video camera aimed at musicians.

The ability to record video with a synced, high-quality stereo audio signal and then upload it quickly to YouTube or Vimeo has an obvious value for songwriters. Though the quality of the video itself doesn’t really stand out from other pocket-video cameras, the recorded audio, with on-screen audio input meters, is enough to distinguish the Q3.

Listing at $249 $199, the Zoom Q3 is on the spendy side. Samson however tries to make every effort for this to be a “one-stop” purchase for potential video-makers. Out of the box, the camera comes with HandyShare video editing and (YouTube) uploader software, a video cable to connect the Zoom and your TV, a soft case for travel, a wind-filter (for the condenser microphone) and a 2 GB SD card (allows up to 60 minutes of recording time), and even two AA batteries.