Writer Of The Week: Griffin House

Why did you call the new album The Learner. The learner is the nickname my buddy Rusty used to give me after a night of hard drinking. The learner would usually come out, like the Incredible Hulk or Dr. Jekyll. We made t-shirts one morning in Chicago that said "the learner strikes again" and wore them around all day, laughing about it. I think I was getting beat up a lot during that time, probably mostly by myself, but getting up time and time again, learning the hard way, but learning nonetheless. What's the one song on The Learner that you want people to here the most. I would have to say, personally, "Never Hide," because I really put everything I had into singing that song, and it's one of those rare tunes where the melody and the mood and the vocal all work in one great harmony where none of the parts really get short changed or stepped on. How about "She Likes Girls." What inspired it, and what kind of reaction has it garnered. "She Likes Girls" is definitely a Learner song. I recently stopped drinking completely, for good, God willing, and "She Likes Girls" is a song that was kind of written right in the middle of the party, just before all the lights went out. I wanted to write a really up-beat rock n' roll song that had a sense of humor and wasn't so serious. I love playing it with the band; it's a really important and fun part of our live set. But from a writing standpoint my heart is very far away from where it was when I wrote that song. Now i'm in the sober-eyed, body-aching reality of the... Sign In to Keep Reading

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