Old And New Clash At Piracy Meeting In Nashville

[photo courtesy of J. Michael Krouskop Belmont Photo] Gov. Phil Bredesen, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke, U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper and Nashville Mayor Karl Dean at Belmont University on Monday. A distinguished group of Tennessee’s political powers – Gov. Phil Bredesen, U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper, and Nashville Mayor Karl Dean – were brought together by a noteworthy visit from the U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke on Monday in Nashville. The event, held in Belmont University’s Maddox Auditorium, also assembled a full capacity crowd of Nashville’s music industry movers-and-shakers for a town hall-style meeting about internet piracy. The meeting began with a typical round of political cheerleading. Mayor Karl Dean, who has been labeled Nashville’s “best music industry asset,” called Rep. Cooper “the best Congressman,” and so on, down the line, the introductory baton was passed. But superlatives aside, there was a genuine camaraderie and continuity of purpose among Tennessee’s political leaders. The speakers wasted no time getting to the metaphor of the day: Nashville’s recent flood. Cooper compared the “flood of water” to the “flood of piracy,” calling the latter, with a poetic flourish that the roomful of songwriters could surely appreciate, an “invisible flood.” Rob Crosby, a Nashville hit songwriter, introduced Secretary Locke. Crosby’s real-life tale of visiting his hometown of Sumter, South Carolina, and taking a stand against a local file-sharing crime boss helped deliver the day’s “piracy is theft” message. Secretary Locke assured Nashville that... Sign In to Keep Reading

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