Hank Cochran, “Miami, My Amy”

In January 2009, Hank Cochran spoke to American Songwriter about the genesis of the song “Miami, My Amy,” one of several songs he co-wrote with Dean Dillon.

Cochran: I got to know Keith Whitley before writing that song and that song was his first hit. Dean Dillon and I were on my boat in Florida. Dean and I would go and sit on a boat in Palm Beach. My son came to see us. My wife introduced my son, Donny, to a good-looking young woman. Donny had to go back to California. He asked if he should stay with that girl. I told him I didn’t know. I could look at him and see myself at that young age. Her name was Amy. I told Dean, “Did you see the way Donny feels about that girl? What do you think about putting it together in a song. A ‘Miami, My Amy’ loves me after all kind of song.” We wrote it!

I just took “Miami, My Amy” to Keith as we were friends. He and I even wore the same size boot. A friend of mine in Oklahoma made me a nice pair of boots. Keith told me he loved my boots. I told Keith Whitley, “Give me a number one song and I’ll give them to you.” He tried them on and they fit perfectly. I told him we may have that song right here for your new boots and we sang it to him! He recorded it. Keith got a new pair of boots a little while later when that song went up to No. 1 on the charts! It knocked me out as he and I were great friends. It really got to me when he passed. Read the full interview.

“Miami, My Amy”

Well, everybody talks about the California quakes
But the first time I ever felt the earth shake
Was in Miami
When Amy touched me
Aw, it shook me

I told her I loved her and I wanted to stay
But she said, “Be sure, and I’ll call you in L.A.”
Even in the taxi
I could hear my telephone ring

Calling me from Miami
My Amy
What took you so long
I thought you’d never call

Miami, my Amy
Miami, my Amy loved me after all

Now Amy just called and said, “Please come back”
I said, “I’m on my way, Babe, I ain’t even unpacked”
“I want you, I love you,” that’s all she had to say
Good-bye L.A.

Now once again I’m Miami bound
Can’t wait til this plane touches down
Because I know my Amy will be waiting
At that Miami gate

I can’t wait

Miami, my Amy
What took you so long I thought you’d never call
Miami, my Amy
Love me after all

Miami, my Amy loves me after all

–Written by Hank Cochran, Dean Dillon and Royce Porter