The Strokes To Drop New Album In March

The Strokes are back, but are they different?

The hard-edged NYC rock band is currently mixing their newly completed fourth album, the followup to 2006’s underrated First Impressions On Earth, and will release it March 22 via RCA. According to bassist (and sometime solo artist) Nikolia Fraiture, the album has “a classic sound” more akin to the band’s first two records.

Unlike before, Casablancas recorded his vocals in a room apart from the band. “Usually, we’re always in a room and changing stuff and doing it all together,” Fraiture tells the BBC. “It’s all a learning experience.” Speaking of the band’s hiatus, he adds, “We didn’t really break up but we didn’t see each other for a long time.”

The band will tour the globe in 2011 in support of their as-yet-untitled LP.

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