Debate Stirs On Topspin’s Self-Service Platform For Artists

Topspin Media, one of the biggest players in direct-to-fan marketing, has announced that their platform will be open to the public in March 2011. Topspin is an e-commerce platform and software company that has been used by many record labels and artist managers to track various marketing campaigns. Most common among Topspin's offerings is the embeddable widget (shown below) that offers free downloads in exchange for a user's e-mail address. Topspin's backend provides analytic tools for tracking audience, as well as a robust and customizable online store. Earlier this week on Hypebot, the tech site wonders whether Topspin's platform "works" or creates "disillusionment" for users. Topspin joins the debate on Twitter, inviting their followers to "Share yr opinion of @topspinmedia in the comments of today's @hypebot article." "Be honest...we can take it," Topspin adds. Now Hypebot has an updated take on Topspin, with more music professionals weighing in. The debate hinges on a few issues. Is Topspin is just a glorified shopping cart. Are its tools too advanced for a non-programmer. Or are advanced tools like Facebook Markup Language and CMS essential knowledge for any marketer in today's digital world. Though we've never been personally privy to Topspin's platform, from what we've... Sign In to Keep Reading

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