Nashville Songwriter Series: Jeremy Spillman

PHOTO CAPTION: Jeremy Spillman, right, with one of his songwriting heroes, Dean Dillon. Jeremy Spillman is one of those success stories we all like to read about. He decided as a teenager that he wanted to be a professional songwriter, period, and after going to college for a while and working day jobs he knew that his first instinct was correct. So he left Glasgow, Kentucky and moved to Nashville in the late 1990s to write songs and do nothing else. It didn’t happen overnight, but within a few years he had landed a writing deal with Universal Music Publishing Group, where he spent a decade learning to write better and better songs and getting cuts with some Music Row mainstays. With a discography that includes Trace Adkins’ “Arlington,” Lee Ann Womack’s “He Oughta Know That By Now,” several cuts by Eric Church, and “A Cowboy Was Born” by the late rodeo rocker legend Chris LeDoux, Spillman achieved the success he had left home for. As anyone in Nashville knows, though, there really is no security in the music business. So a few months ago Spillman decided to take the next step and go out on his own, starting his own publishing and production enterprise, Brave Music Company, that has already signed two writer/artists, Carly Pearce and Jared Crump. American Songwriter caught up with Spillman at his home office and studio west of Nashville, where he is running his new business in a rural environment that might lend itself to a little more creativity than the hustle and bustle of Music Row. What made you decide to give up what so many dream of in Nashville – a writing deal with a major publisher – and start your own... Sign In to Keep Reading

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