Tim McGraw Sued By Curb Records

In recent years, Tim McGraw, the Grammy-award winning country music artist, has been fodder for Taylor Swift songs and has taken on acting for silver screen. Now McGraw is entering a new chapter in his celebrated career when his Nashville-based record label, Curb, recently announced that they plan to sue McGraw over a breach of his recording contract. McGraw has been outspoken for his distaste for Nashville's record promotion tactics, having criticized Curb for releasing a number of greatest hits compilations of his work while being slow to release actual albums. As many in the industry know, major record companies have been notorious for their cagey release schedules and often have no problem shelving albums for years. The actual disagreement comes after McGraw turned in the recordings for what would be his final Curb Records release, Emotional Traffic. Curb's argument stems from the fact that McGraw may have begun recording the album prior to the 12 month window his contract states he must wait before working on a follow up to 2009's Southern Voice. In 2007, McGraw complained to Billboard about Curb's scheduling tactics. "I thought [Southern Voice] was coming out a lot quicker than it did, then the greatest hits records kept dropping. I've got one record left on this label, and I can't help but think that it was a stall tactic to add another year to my contract." Stall tactic or not, now McGraw will have to face the legal action from his one-time... Sign In to Keep Reading

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