Watch: Nikki Lane, “Gone, Gone, Gone”

Newcomer Nikki Lane has just released this video for the song “Gone, Gone, Gone” from her forcoming IAMSOUND (Salem, Fool’s Gold, Men) record, Walk Of Shame. As my colleague Sean L. Maloney astutely points out, the nearest aural signifier to Lane’s music might be the cowboy psychedelia of Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood, those purveyors of Doors-ish spookiness.

Lane’s album is really a throwback to two different versions of the past: analog Nashville and nuggets-era L.A. To engage the first, Lane worked with Nashville session players. For the latter, she tapped Lewis Pesacov, who helped capture the lo-fi surf-pop of the recent Best Coast album. The result is quite charming. But there’s also more than a touch of Zooey Deschanel’s She & Him persona in Lane’s voice, that ’50s girl-next-door with a wild streak. (Lane also bears a passing resemblance to Deschanel).

The “Gone, Gone, Gone” video shows Lane in all her colors, flashing back and forth between scenes where she’s a ’60s country singer with a flowery white and yellow dress and puffed-up hair holding a baby goat (no really), to psychedelic hippie scenes that wouldn’t have been out of place in MGMT’s video for “Electric Feel.” Then finally, she’s back to being the Nancy Sinatra-channeling chanteuse in the woods.