Songs You Need To Hear: Shooter Jennings, “Outlaw You”

Shooter Jennings has a bone to pick with pretty boys. Specifically, ones cloaking themselves in the mantle of “outlaw.”

His new song, “Outlaw You,” premiered today in lyric video form on, and while he doesn’t name names, Jennings takes aim at the “pretty boy in the baseball hat,” who gets his boots from his record label and name checks greats like Hank Williams and Johnny Cash.

Jennings also brags on his famous outlaw dad, Waylon, telling of the senior Jennings’ struggle in the early ’60s against the ultra slick Nashville formula for country music, and his later participation in 1976’s Wanted! The Outlaws record, the first country album to sell one million copies.

“After years and years of struggling strong, he got his chance and he took it to number one with This Time in ’74,” he sings, “that one record busted down the door and the record labels had the control no more.”

Check out the great music video, filmed on Nashville’s famed Music Row, below.