Song Premiere: Risa Binder, “Paper Heart”

Indie-pop artist Risa Binder studied songwriting in Nashville, but makes her home in New York. Her song “Paper Heart,” from the album of the same name, drops this Valentine’s Day.

“‘Paper Heart’ was co-written with Brett Boyett on one of my writing trips to Los Angeles,” Binder tells American Songwriter. “It’s crazy how co-writing works. We wrote a song earlier that day that we both didn’t really like and then when we sat down to write again, ‘Paper Heart’ came together in like an hour. And we were smitten with it! We were talking about how delicate the heart is and how we literally give our hearts over to the person we’re in a relationship with for ‘safe-keeping.’ How the person we choose to love writes their story on our hearts and we are forever changed.”

Risa Binder, “Paper Heart”