L.A. Songwriter Series: Amy Powers

Most of us would love to get a cut, just one, that actually shows up on a chart and that we might hear somebody humming in a supermarket someday. Then there are people like Los Angeles-based writer Amy Powers who have had the kind of success that the rest of us only dream about. Powers is an Emmy- and Annie-nominated lyricist and melody writer whose songs have appeared in the theater, in animated projects, in Oscar and Tony-winning productions, and much more. She’s provided two dozen songs for Mattel’s series of Barbie movies, and has co-written cuts by the likes of Barbra Streisand, Alabama, Diamond Rio and Christian group Avalon. Her first major project was working with Andrew Lloyd Webber on the smash musical Sunset Boulevard, and her lyrics are featured in the musical of Doctor Zhivago, which has been running in Australia and is set to open soon in Korea. She’s practically a corporation all by herself. But lest one think she’s only doing it for the money, think again, as she already had a career as a practicing Harvard-educated lawyer before she ever wrote a single line of a song. Powers also co-owns Pitch Perfect, a demo and consulting service for developing artists in the L.A. area. Somehow, Powers was able to find a few minutes to answer some questions for American Songwriter about how she does it all and manages to have a marriage and a couple kids on top of it. The first question that just about anyone might have for you is, How in the world have you been so successful at writing for so many different genres and types of projects. One key has been finding... Sign In to Keep Reading

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