Album Stream: Orpheum Bell, The Old Sister’s Home

Orpheum Bell’s new album The Old Sister’s Home isn’t in stores until May 8, but we’re streaming the album in its entirety here at American Songwriter. The genre-bending Ann Arbor folk band with an Eastern European bent (they call it “Country and Eastern”) and Tom Waits-y vocals have hit their stride with their latest collection of songs.

The Old Sister’s Home is our third album and it is the best reflection so far of our original sound and our individual stories,” says Orpheum Bell’s Aaron Klein.

“We all came from very different places, physically –Ukraine, Holland, Armenia, Cincinnati — and listened to some very different music growing up. But in our band, we come together around a sound that takes in the musical crushes we’ve had on country music, gypsy, early jazz, tango and pair them with our own rhythms, melodies and lyrics. Like growing up in different rooms of the same house and coming together for supper, say. That is the great part of being an American band with the freedom to listen and play as we choose.”