Great Quotations: Neil Young

Neil Young explains the impetus behind his new covers album, Americana:

I started this in about 1964, when I did the first five of the songs, and I was in a band back then, the Squires — before I even met [Stephen] Stills — and we did a lot of these kinds of songs. Never recorded them. And then I got together with Crazy Horse to make a record, and I just finished writing about that time with that band with this book that I’m writing, which is very random — part diary, part projection, part memoir, equal time for past, present, and future, all jumbled together. It comes and goes. So then I got back and went into the studio with Crazy Horse, and I didn’t have any songs of my own. So I said, “Why don’t we do these? I got a bunch of songs in my head, and we can just play them.” So we played them, and we had a great time.

(via Vulture)