Tim McGraw-Curb Records Trial Postponed

The saga continues between Tim McGraw and his former label Curb Records. Yesterday, a Nashville court granted Curb's request to postpone their trial, which focuses on whether or not McGraw has fulfilled his contractual obligations to the label, until it can examine the circumstances around McGraw's recently announced recordings. In November 2011, Curb Records was denied a preliminary injunction that would stop McGraw from signing with another record label until after their case was decided. Jump ahead six months later: McGraw announced that not only was he signing with Scott Borchetta's Big Machine Records, but he had already recorded 20 sides for his new label. According to Billboard, Curb maintains that its contract with McGraw has not ended and that it still owns McGraw's new music. By postponing the trial, the label will have time to investigate when McGraw's new recordings were made, in order to determine if they are a breach of contract. McGraw's publicist released the following statement: "Tim McGraw and his counsel have received several requests for comment concerning a recent press release issued by Curb Records regarding the lawsuit between Tim McGraw and Curb Records. Rule 3.6 of the Tennessee Rules of Professional Conduct makes clear that it is not proper for... Sign In to Keep Reading

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