Daily Discovery: The Henry Clay People, “Hide”

ARTIST: Joey Siara/ The Henry Clay People

SONG: “Hide”

BIRTHDATE: December 1982

BIRTHPLACE: East Los Angeles

AMBITIONS: read more, meet Neil Young, quit when ahead

TURN-OFFS: music school kids, indifference, floor toms at front of stage

TURN-ONS: people who have dogs, telecasters

DREAM GIG: opening for The Wrens

TV ADDICTIONS: lately it’s Breaking Bad and Community

CELEBRITY CRUSH: Tina Fey, Rachel Maddow, Neko Case

WHAT MAKES A WOMAN SEXY: intelligence, arguing ability, thinking most dudes are morons

1. London Calling
2. Revolver
3. A Mott the Hoople record
4. a smartphone
5. a toothbrush

WORDS TO LIVE BY: “You could never be strong. You can only be free.” – Bob Pollard

I WROTE THIS SONG: about getting older, moving on, and learning not to give a shit.

The Henry Clay People – Hide by tbd records