Hit after Hit: A Q&A with Benny Blanco

Things are going more than okay for Benny Blanco these days. The 24-year-old music producer behind such hits as Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" and Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger" most recently enjoyed his umpteenth # 1 hit with Maroon 5's "Payphone." A plethora of Blanco tracks can also be heard in the 3D documentary concert film Katy Perry: A Part of Me, which is in theaters now. When we spoke, Blanco was in the studio working on a track he co-wrote with Nate Ruess of fun. for Ke$ha’s sophomore album. Starting off with something simple, what’s your favorite song you've ever done out of everything. When people ask me I never know what to say. There are definitely some songs where I'd say "That really did something to me.” I remember when we did "Teenage Dream" I was like, wow, this song has a timeless feel to it. It’s funny, I was thinking of “Teenage Dream” when I asked you that. Is it like picking a favorite child. If I had a bunch of kids, and someone asked me "which one do you like the best.", I'd like them all for different reasons. But yeah, a song like “Teenage Dream” is not disposable. I'm also very excited because I just did my first real R&B record. Are you talking about Trey Songz's “Heart Attack”. Oh man, you killed that one. Thank you very much. It's the first R&B record I've ever really done. I've never done that type of music ever; now it's the number one R&B song in the country.  I'm proud of a lot of my songs, but I wanna have somewhere it's like 'Wow, in 10 years I can really listen to that’. What was your first number one... Sign In to Keep Reading

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