Easton Corbin: All Over the Road

Easton Corbin
All Over the Road
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Don’t let the title fool you. This pleasant set of smooth honky tonk finds a sweet, somewhat slick path and never wavers as it coasts through eleven slices of radio ready country. Corbin is easy on the eyes and ears, sticking close to what works for his amiable voice and lovelorn songs about girls, relationships and errr, more girls. It’s all fizzy, twangy and puppy dog froth with earworm choruses you’ll sing after the first listen. Fiddles and pedal steel bring a Nashville meets California pop sunshine as Corbin’s freckle cute voice perfectly rides the vibe. But after the first half, repetition kicks in and Carson Chamberlain’s buffed production sands off any edges that might make these songs resonate as more than just well performed, good time, romantic fluff. Corbin’s got the pipes, the tunes and the look … now he needs an edge to move him off the freeway and onto a less well-paved path.