Nashville Songwriter Series: Blair Daly

If it were only for his country cuts, Nashville songwriter Blair Daly would have enjoyed more success than most. With songs like the Rascal Flatts number one “Stand,” Big & Rich’s “Wild West Show,” Faith Hill’s “Paris” and cuts by other Nashville superstars, the native Louisianan has done very well on Music Row for more than a decade. But add to that a versatility that other Nashville writers don’t have, and you’ve got one of the new millennium’s most successful songwriting talents. Daly has also had cuts by Uncle Kracker (“Smile”), Il Divo (“The Man You Love”), Chicago (“Feel”), and acts as heavy as Nikki Sixx’s Sixx:A.M. and the Black Veil Brides, for whom he wrote “Unbroken” from the soundtrack of the movie The Avengers. Add tracks by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Lit, the Backstreet Boys, Saving Abel, Wynonna…well, you get the idea. Daly seemingly has the ability to write memorable words and melodies for just about any genre of music, his latest hit being Big & Rich’s “That’s Why I Pray.” It took a while for him to find the time, but American Songwriter finally got Daly to shift gears long enough to answer a few questions. You work in what is primarily a country music town, but you also land big pop and rock cuts. Is this success a result of constantly networking on all sides of several fences. Yes. Since I was a kid, I have always listened to, and studied, several different genres of music, mainly, pop, rock, and country. So even after I moved to Nashville I have never... Sign In to Keep Reading

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