Daily Discovery: Coyotes, “When We’re Gone”

ARTIST: Coyotes

SONG: “When We’re Gone


BIRTHDATE: October 1, 2012

BIRTHPLACE: New Orleans, LA (Duz’s basement)

AMBITIONS: Following the never-ending yellow brick road on tour, finishing college, coming to find YOU.

TURN-OFFS: The word moist.

TURN-ONS: Mardi Gras, Burritos, Burritos, Whiskey, and Mardi Gras.

DREAM GIG: Hm… our “dream gig” would probably involve us floating in the stratosphere while simultaneously being streamed on YouTube somehow.

TV ADDICTIONS: Curb Your Enthusiasm, Breaking Bad, and Sports Center.

CELEBRITY CRUSH: Probably Zach Galifianakis and Taylor Swifts baby, ya feel us?

WHAT MAKES A WOMAN SEXY: Knowledgeable about bounce music, confidence, and a big ol’ smile.

5 THINGS EVERY MAN SHOULD OWN: Led Zeppelin I, toothbrush, (totally optional) a pair of silk undies, The Godfather, and a comfortable bed (you spend most of your life in it).

WORDS TO LIVE BY: “We gonna rock it ’til the wheels fall off.” – Nate Dogg

I WROTE THIS SONG: in my bedroom in my old house. The room was about 5 x 10, in the basement, and I felt like things weren’t going that well for us and half the band had just quit. Kind of a turning point that made us realize some of the more important things in life… not just being worried about traffic violations, getting arrested, or school breathing down our necks again. I originally wrote it about addiction and death but went for a more nostalgic take by the finish line as a last minute track in the studio.