Daily Discovery: Emily Earle, “Tell Me Now”

ARTIST: Emily Earle

SONG: “Tell Me Now”

BIRTHDATE: April 18, 1989

BIRTHPLACE: Richmond, Virginia

AMBITIONS: Complete a Triathlon, learn something new every day (sort of already do that), write a musical.

TURN-OFFS: I cant stand it when people tell other people that they aren’t good enough. Not Cool. Everyone deserves to try and everyone has the right to have a dream.

TURN-ONS: I love baking, playing basketball, Fall weather, being outside, listening to Brandi Carlile, rock climbing, laughing…

DREAM GIG: It sounds stupid, but I think the coolest gig would be singing with Elmo on TV. Some of my favorite artists have done a version of one of their original songs with Elmo and ever since I was little I’ve said, “If you get to sing with Elmo then you’ve really made it.”

TV ADDICTIONS: WilfredGrey’s Anatomy

CELEBRITY CRUSH: None, I don’t think. I don’t watch enough movies to know many celebrity’s names.

PETS: 2 dogs, Gordo (15 year old Corgi) and Gimley (4 year old Corgi)

5 THINGS EVERY WOMAN SHOULD OWN:  A taser for protection, a toothbrush because it would be gross if you didn’t, a dictionary so you don’t sound stupid, some form of chocolate bar because it’s good for the soul and… that’s all I can think of… haha.

MY THE VOICE COACH: is CeeLo, go team CeeLo 🙂

WORDS TO LIVE BY: Imperfections are what make things perfect.

I WROTE THIS SONG: with a friend in NYC, Jeremy Lubin. We wrote it in a couple hours. It was our first time writing together.

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