Daily Discovery: Lulu Mae, “The Mockingbird And The Dogwood Tree”

Musicians Corner Fall 2012 Winner:

ARTIST: Lulu Mae

SONG: “The Mockingbird And The Dogwood Tree”

BIRTHDATE: A good stretch of the early 80s.

BIRTHPLACE: Nashville/Memphis/Chicago

AMBITIONS: Quit our jobs, open a bar, own more dogs.

TURN-OFFS: “Supposably,” “I’m just not much of a dog person,” being on one’s phone while ordering coffee.

TURN-ONS: Girls who can fish, speak French, stitch up wounds, drink whiskey, or play upright bass. Guys who treat their mommas nice, keep the bathroom clean, and make a girl laugh. Dog lovers.

DREAM GIG: Cliché  though it may sound, if we got hit by a bus immediately after finishing a headlining show at the Ryman we would all die happy. And gruesomely.

TV ADDICTIONS: Parenthood, Walking Dead, How I Met Your Mother, Top Gear (BBC), Archer.

CELEBRITY CRUSH: From Ben, the only unmarried band member: there are quite a few, but some that come immediately to mind are Grace Potter, Tina Fey, Aubrey Plaza, and Madi Diaz (local up-and-coming celebs count, right?)

MY GO TO FEEL-GOOD RECIPE: Pumpkin cookies.

PETS: Joel and Sarah – June (Golden Doodle); Adam and Jen – Dave (Westie) and Wanda (Doberman); Ben – Penny (Manchester Terrier mix.)

MY NIGHTLY RITUAL BEFORE BED: Reading, letting the dogs out, a thousand pushups.

I WROTE THIS SONG: reflecting on how great life and Tennessee are, realizing I have nothing to complain about.

Lulu Mae will perform at the 2012 Fall Season Closer of Musicians Corner, Saturday October 27th in Nashville’s Centennial Park. Music begins at 2:30 PM and includes other performances from The VespersAshley Cleveland and April Rucker.

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