Video Premiere: Gabriel Kelley, “Only Thing To Do”

(Photo: © Lisa Elmaleh 2010)

Singer-songwriter Gabriel Kelley lived in Athens, Georgia, Sweden and Guatemala before settling on Nashville, the country music capital of the world.

Check out his highly creative video for “Only Thing To Do,” off the album It Don’t Come Easy, produced by Grammy-winner Neal Cappellino (Alison Krauss, Joan Osborne, Del McCoury).

“The creation of ‘Only Thing To Do’ was one of the more spontaneous and exciting moments of making the album It Don’t Come Easy,” Kelley tells American Songwriter. “Written together with Neal Cappellino during our set up for recording at House of David Studio, it was the quickest turn around of a song from creation to the tracking process. Finishing the tune just moments before the session, we all sat down, I played it for the guys and they all hopped in and let loose on it. It felt like we were all alive… all excited… really there, you know… listening to each other and digging in.”