Daily Discovery: Michaela Anne, “Baby We’re Through”

ARTIST: Michaela Anne

SONG:Baby We’re Through

BIRTHDATE: May 21st, 1986


AMBITIONS: to have a long sustainable career as a singer, songwriter, performer and educator.

TURN-OFFS: Arrogance.

TURN-ONS: Sincerity, honesty and kindness.

DREAM GIG: the Opry, of course. And singing with Gillian Welch, David Rawlings and Emmylou Harris.

TV ADDICTIONS: Homeland, New Girl, Nashville and Parenthood. And I just started watching Felicity from the beginning. I guess I have to admit that as an addiction. Do I watch too much TV?

CELEBRITY CRUSH: Matt Damon always and forever, since I was 10. And of course the usual Ryan Gosling.

MY NIGHTLY RITUAL BEFORE BED: reading a book. I usually wake up with it on my face and the lights still on.

WORDS TO LIVE BY: one of my favorite voice teachers told me you can’t sing based on how it sounds to you or others. You have to go based on how good it feels. It should always feel good even if other people listening aren’t responding in the way you hope. I’m learning this applies to all aspects of life. Live based on how good it feels, not on what other people tell you about yourself.

I NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT: my purse which is about 10lbs too heavy filled with my wallet, phone, notebooks, lip glosses, pens/pencils, whatever book I’m reading at the time, and most likely some beginner music theory flashcards for my students.

I WROTE THIS SONG: sitting on my bed one summer reminiscing about a guy I used to date. Kind of embarrassing and cliche, but the truth.