ASCAP Songwriters Josh Kear & Dan Wilson Take to Capitol Hill to Champion Fair Online Payments

ascap dan wilson paul williams Pictured (l-r): Songwriter Josh Kear, Tenn. Rep. Marsha Blackburn, co-chair of the Congressional Songwriters Caucus, songwriter Dan Wilson and ASCAP President and Chairman of the Board Paul Williams Taken from the press release: Nashville, Tenn., February 27, 2013: ASCAP presented a performance and Q&A session with hit songwriters Josh Kear and Dan Wilson on Tuesday, February 26th in the Rayburn House Office Building in Washington, DC, in an event to entertain and inform members of Congress and their staffs about the creative process of songwriting and the challenges facing songwriters in the digital world. The event was hosted by ASCAP President and Chairman Paul Williams. Welcoming the ASCAP songwriters to the Hill was Rep. Marsha Blackburn, co-chair of the Congressional Songwriters Caucus. As Congress considers music licensing reform, the event was designed to highlight the fact that the contributions of songwriters and composers are being grossly undervalued in the current digital music landscape, earning 12 times less than record labels and artists for the exact same performance. The result is that songwriters are being treated unfairly and paid far too little when their music is streamed on services such as Pandora, which is seeking to even further lower the royalties they pay to songwriters and composers. Commented Williams: “We want to educate and work with Congress to address some of the legislative constraints that have resulted in this gross inequity in payments for those who write the songs, without which there would be no music to record or stream.... Sign In to Keep Reading

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