Video Premiere: Desert Noises, “I Won’t See You”

desert noises

Utah Valley indie rockers Desert Noises have just released their video for “I Won’t See You.” The footage comes from guitarist Patrick Boyer’s grandmother’s super-8 adventures in the West during the 1940s and was edited by bassist Tyler Osmond.

“We loved the way it looked and thought it would be a perfect background for ‘I Won’t See You,’” says Desert Noises’ Kyle Henderson. Like the last little drip of water in an arid plain, a swirling guitar counters Henderson’s melancholy lyrics. “Tell me where you are tonight,” he pleads. “‘I Won’t See You’ is about watching a relationship die, knowing it’s going to happen, and understanding there is really nothing that can be done to mend it,” says Henderson.

The official video is now the only link to the Boyer’s family travelogue. “Just after posting a secret link for friends and family to watch the video, our van was broken into and our computers, along with all the footage and editing, were stolen,” says Henderson.