Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy Will Produce Your Song For Charity


Chicago high school Northside College Prep is pulling out all the normal stops for their benefit auction. On the BiddingForGood website, they provide opportunities for buyers to put bids on everything from Pearl Jam at Wrigley Field tickets to various kinds of jewelry.

Or, if you’re feeling generous, you can attempt to purchase a rather unusual item: a recording session with Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy.

The highest bidder will win an eight-hour recording session at the Wilco Loft in Chicago. Tweedy will oversee, help produce and arrange your song during this time. There is even a possibility of him playing on it if needed. The winner will walk away from the session with a finished track.

Here’s the official description:

One 8-hour day of recording a song at the world famous Wilco Loft. Your session will be tracked by a staff engineer and overseen by Jeff Tweedy who will also help you produce and arrange your song….and maybe even play on it if you need him to! You will leave with a CD of a finished mix. Date to be determined according to schedules.

As of right now, the recording session is going for over three thousand dollars, and has potential to go much higher over the next eleven days the auction is open.

Proceeds will be going to keep programs at the school going for students.

View the auction here.