Song Premiere: Powerkompany, “Another One Born In New York”


Check out “Another One Born In New York” off I Am More Than This, a gorgeous track from Athens, Georgia dream-pop duo Powerkompany’sdebut LP.

The song was inspired by some unusual circumstances (or, if you will, a typically normal day in the teeming metropolis of New York City.) Band members Marie Davon and Andrew Heaton met a girl who wanted to get married — to both of them.

“Maybe it was all a joke, maybe she was serious or maybe it was a little bit of both—who knows?” recalls Heaton. “She was from New York. She’d been a model, was a talented photographer and her father had been a Broadway producer. She sort of started courting Marie and me as if we were one person. It was madness, really.”

“We all became very close,” Davon says. “She said she wanted to move in with us. The experience changed my whole perspective of what relationships could be, or are. It was wild—really wild.”
“At one point, we were staying with her in Manhattan,” says Heaton, and we found ourselves in the world of Woody Allen—it was like we were re-writing Annie Hall for three people.”

“As unusual as it was,” Davon says, “we all seemed to be on the same wavelength for a while. And then at some point, we weren’t anymore. Sometimes you never figure out how you got there, or why you’re not there anymore. We wonder if she still thinks of us, keeps up with us, or would ever notice something like this article.”

I Am More Than This is out May 7 on Mazarine Records. Listen here.