Measure for Measure: I Have a Dream – And You Are In It

9E14eJC3ch5GSec8Vef2WktDGUT0W2uh7qvmqRxEnag (This column is featured in the March/April issue. Subscribe here. And get the latest, free e-Book here). Break out the champagne – this issue marks a milestone, the first anniversary of “Measure For Measure.” So please, kick off your shoes and make yourself at home while I tune up the Martin; I have a song to sing. With a tip of the hat to ABBA, it’s called “I Have A Dream.” I’ve been singing it for six issues now, but since some folks are here for the first time, let me devote the first couple of verses to where we’ve been so far. The first column (March/April, 2012) described the origins of “Measure For Measure” in my lessons with UC San Diego music professor and computer guru Jef Raskin, better known as creator of the Macintosh (Steve Jobs took over after Jef founded and led the project for a couple of years). Jef, a brilliant teacher, did for my understanding of music what the Mac did for computer users: He made composition easy. Now my dream is to do the same for you, to make songwriting as easy and natural as breathing. Instead of going down the well-trodden path of music theory, I’ve been treating it like a language course, using dialog games involving words and music. First we covered rhythm (March/April), then harmony (May/June), then melody (July/August until now). Our goal is exceedingly modest: learn how to compose a catchy two-measure melody. If you can do... Sign In to Keep Reading

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