Daily Discovery: Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk, “I Lost Myself”


ARTIST: Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk

SONG:  “I Lost Myself”

BIRTHDATE: Feb. 23, 1989

BIRTHPLACE: Fort St. John, British Columbia (Canada)

AMBITIONS: Visit every continent, learn to scuba dive

TURN-OFFS: Well it’s more of a pet peeve, but when anyone chews with their mouth open.

TURN-ONS: My husband

DREAM GIG: There are many. Coachella is definitely up there, but it would also be sweet to play at Red Rocks, and any international music festival.

TV ADDICTIONS: Currently, it’s Madmen and Community.

CELEBRITY CRUSH: Chris Martin. I more admire him more than have a crush on him.

MY FAVORITE CONCERT EXPERIENCE: Seeing Coldplay live was really great because they’ve always been a band I’ve loved and looked up to. On a smaller scale, I got to see my favorite band Eisley play while we were on tour. It was so cool to hear all my favorite songs live.

THE BOOK THAT CHANGED MY LIFE: I love reading, and I love it when a book impacts me. The most important ones I’d guess would be the Chronicles of Narnia, which always makes my imagination come to life, and the Bible, which is full of life wisdom.

5 PEOPLE I’D MOST LIKE TO HAVE DINNER WITH: Leslie Feist, one of my biggest musical inspirations; Dustin Kensrue, of the band Thrice, another musical inspiration; Mother Theresa; my Auntie Cindy who passed away when I was 11; and Stuart McLean.

I NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT: Some yarn, my Kobo reader and my Moleskins.

WE WROTE THIS SONG: About a time in my life when I stopped playing music for a little while after a bunch of big changes in my life (moving away from home, getting married, switching jobs). My husband and I decided to go on a cross-Canada adventure and while we were doing that I remembered how much I loved to play music, and shortly after we decided to go on tour.