Full Album Stream: Dillon Hodges, Rumspringa

dillon hodges

We’re excited to bring you Rumspringa, the debut album from promising young folk artist and champion flat-picker Dillon Hodges.

Rumspringa is an album made up of fictional stories and characters,” Hodges tells American Songwriter. “However, I have learned it is nearly impossible for me to write a song without leaving a reflection of myself between the lines. The title of the record may actually be the most revealing. For the Amish, Rumspringa is a period of time during adolescence where a youth can leave the community and experience the outside world. For me, when I made this record and left my home in Alabama to relocate to Nashville, marry my wife, and hit the road all around the same time, I felt like I was seeing the outside world for the first time.

“Though I grew up as a flatpicking guitarist,” he adds, “I wanted this record to be crafted around a specific group of songs that promoted lyric and arrangement. My roots in old-time music are still visible, but have been featured in a way that allows the music to speak.”

The record drops tomorrow via Cork Industries.