Ask These 9 Questions To Get The Best Music Licensing Deal

the black keys When evaluating the business decision of choosing between a non-exclusive or exclusive deal to represent your compositions for placement in film, TV, and advertising, I've had a number of folks reach out and ask a little more info. The great thing is, you can tweak or even use the same questions with ANY deal you are considering. Every case is unique and therefore, the goal should be to get as much information as possible. In that interest, I've created a list of questions that could help you spark intelligent conversations aimed to drive responses that will give you real metrics with which to you can better inform your decision-making. While you certainly could email the following questions I would instead advise that you pick up the phone or meet in person, and have these ready to ask when it comes time to learn more about the company looking to represent your music. You will learn a lot more by speaking to someone in person than you will by reading their emailed response (if you get one). 1) Approximately how much synch revenue did they generate last year before royalties. They're unlikely to actually tell you a number, so a great follow-up to this question is.... Can I see a rate card or can you ballpark what you charge for the following usages: National TV promo National TV in-program National commercial Film Trailer (Worldwide) In-Film Use (Worldwide) 2) Do they have a reel or 1-sheet that I can see. This will give you a good idea of what their promotional materials look like, and also let you gage how much work they've done (ie: their reel shouldn't just have... Sign In to Keep Reading

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