T Bone Burnett Is Leaving ABC’s Nashville


When Nashville – the ABC primetime soap about the lives of country pop stars and aspiring songwriters – came out, the pressure was on for a soundtrack that would connect with the masses while representing the titular city. And T Bone Burnett handled the responsibility exactly as you would expect the acclaimed musician and producer to. Curating a collection of covers and original songs and drawing from the local talent, the show produced two successful soundtrack albums that assured the music was just as much an attraction as the drama.

But Burnett is a busy man – a fact his wife Callie Khouri, creator and executive producer of the show, is quick to confirm – and has recently announced he will not be returning as executive music producer for Nashville‘s second season. Rumoured to replace him is Buddy Miller, whom The Tennessean reports was another key force behind the show’s sound. Either way, the pressure is back on for music to match — well, exceed really —  Nashville’s soapy scenarios.

“T Bone set the gold standard for the show,” said Khouri in an interview. “His commitment to the quality of the music, the sound for the characters and all of that was something that we were very lucky to get him for.”