Video Premiere: New Country Rehab, “Home to You”

new country rehab
There isn’t a whole lot going on in New Country Rehab’s “Home To You” – either the song or the video – which is perhaps what makes the whole thing so transfixing and effective. Anchored in a steady drum and (upright!) bass rhythm, the guitar-picking carries the song through, accentuated here and there with fiddle from songwriter John Showman.

And while the sway of the “brings me home to you’s” and the “na-na-na’s” is appealing enough on its own, the video, directed by Keaton TF Evans, takes things to another level. Shots of the band playing in a clearing are cut with those of two young people dancing separately, rather melodically, and, of course, making their way back to each other. (They may or may not be possessed by the music; also unclear is whether the music is helping or hindering their reunion. We’d like to think helping.) We all know how this is going to end, but it makes the video no less engaging.

“‘Home To You’ weaves a tale all too familiar for most of us, says director Keaton TF Evans. “Anyone who has traveled has felt the blows of reality without a loved one near, a feeling that all the odds are stacked against you ever getting home. Yet, when you finally make it home, it’s as if you’ve never left. Finding your home is a universally comforting feeling. The characters in this story are the physical embodiment of the search one must undertake to know where your heart lays.

Check out the video, and get a free download of the track, below.

NEW COUNTRY REHAB – Home to You (official video) from kelprecords on Vimeo.