Compose Yourself: How’s Your Rhythmic I.Q.?

duke ellington “It don’t mean a thing (if it ain’t got that swing).” – Duke Ellington Rhythmic I.Q. – your Rhythmic Imagination Quotient – What is it. What’s it good for. As I write, the Songwriting ABCs channel on YouTube has fourteen videos, with a fifteenth to be added soon. All of these videos are tied to Excerpt 1 from Compose Yourself (my book), which is being serialized here in its entirety. (To get a PDF of Excerpt 1 – free, of course – simply email [email protected] and write “Request Compose Yourself Excerpt 1” in the Subject line.) Incidentally, I will be releasing Excerpt 2 early, so you can read it while we’re playing the dialog games for Excerpt 1. The videos for Excerpt 1 (and future excerpts) will follow this plan:

  • First, everyone will be brought up to speed on the sight-reading skills needed to play through the examples. We’ve just finished this phase for Excerpt 1. (This is like a separate course within a course; if you’ve been putting off learning how to read notes, this will be a relatively pain-free introduction.)
  • Second, we read and play through all the examples. This is what we’re doing now.
  • Third, we play dialog games with the material in the lesson.
This may not be the fastest way to work through the book, but I’ve vowed that no student shall be left behind, so if you already know how to sight-read, please be patient. If you have questions about something in the book or in the videos, please feel free to email them to [email protected] The challenging material begins with the dialog games, which resemble the... Sign In to Keep Reading

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