Video Premiere: Patrick Park, “Break Free”

Patrick Park Photo #1 Photo Credit Mia Kirby
“Break Free” is the latest offering from veteran L.A. singer-songwriter Patrick Park. Park wrote his new album We Fall Out Of Touch over ten days while holed up in a cabin in the California desert, with no phone, TV or internet. During that session he wrote “Break Free,” a reverb-drenched, acoustic lament that captures the restlessness that sometimes accompanies romance.

“This is a pretty dark song,” Park admits. “In general I feel I’m a pretty happy person, but I have serious downs, where I struggle with depression and just getting out of my own way. Over the years I’ve gotten to the point to where I can see the shift starting to happen in my mind. Sometimes I can head it off, sometimes I can’t. This song was written during one of these times. It’s hard for me to talk about these moments with any real clarity with people; because sometimes I don’t have a reason for it myself. My whole life the way that I’ve dealt with it was by writing songs, and honestly it helps.

In the video, Park wanders the streets of L.A. like a ghost. “Given the inherent weight of the song, I was concerned about the video sinking under the weight of it’s self,” he says. “I didn’t want it to be something that people watched and were then kind of like, ‘Oh well now I feel like shit.'”

“I was over at director Laban Pheidias’s place, who is a mad genius by the way, and we were trying to come up with ideas and nothing was really working right. Then he was like I’ve got it! Let’s go! It was about 10:30 p.m. and dark and cold, and I was like, now? We’re going to shoot this now? So we ended up just walking all over Silverlake and Echo Park that night shooting. We came up with the idea and shot it all in one night. It ended up being super fun.”