Compose Yourself: Elements Of Harmony

beatles “Out of clutter, find simplicity.” – Albert Einstein At the time of this writing, The Songwriting ABCs channel on YouTube has accumulated twenty videos. We’ve cleared the sight-reading section and are now up to Ex. 5 in the “Read and Play” from Excerpt 1. If you haven’t looked at the videos in a while, you might want to catch up, as the last couple of mini-lessons feature a discussion of pickup beats and the rolling wave rhythm that were not in Excerpt 1 itself. This includes some pretty useful stuff that is not too widely known (especially since some of it was made up by yours truly). A clutch of new videos are coming out soon, but while we’re waiting, I thought it might be a good idea to get a head start on the upcoming chapter, so I decided to release Excerpt 2 a bit early. You can get it by emailing [email protected] and writing “Request Compose Yourself, Excerpt 2” in the Subject line. No way around it, folks: Excerpt 2 is loaded with theory. In fact, it’s the equivalent of a couple of semesters of music fundamentals at your friendly local junior college. Some people love this stuff, and some people hate it, so before anyone gets up and runs for the exits, please hang on a second longer and let me explain why you might want to stay. First off, let me say, “I feel your pain.” When I went to my first guitar lesson as a teenager, my teacher, Pete Sessions, happened to be a theory maven and a bit of a theory maverick, too. He wanted to share some of his insights into the magical, abstract framework of music, but as he started talking about intervals, tritones, and the circle of fifths, my stomach started getting queasy. “Just show me how to play!” I wanted to shout. Obviously, I don’t... Sign In to Keep Reading

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