Role Models: Jonatha Brooke

jonatha brooke Jonatha Brooke's new album My Mother Has 4 Noses is due in February. She'll launch her one-woman Off Broadway show of the same name at the Duke Theater in New York on February 20. 

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Role model. My mother. I'm a little heartbroken that it took so long to see it. She rose above so much. Never lost her sense of humor. Instilled in me an unshakeable sense of possibility, self-worth, of being absolutely and unconditionally loved. I don't have children, but I am lucky that in the end, I was able to mother my mother. Return her unshakeable love. Even as dementia crowded in on her ability to think clearly, she was funny, she was loving, she was generous. She worried that there was enough ice cream for everyone. She wanted to make sure her "doggums" (stuffed animals that truly came to life for her) were warm enough. She would tell me I was getting more and more beautiful...and then with a mirthy glimmer say, "But don't get all conceited about it." I am going through her papers. Scanning old photos. Marveling at my inheritance. A new year's' taking stock. She passed away on January 31, 2012. But her inspiration is ongoing. It's there even in her last margin scribbles. On one crumpled page, "It never is too late to love someone." On another, "I feel as if I have 100 years of talking with you and coming and going. How do I get back to London." Finally, one I'd missed until today: "Every house can be a home, unless true love is seldom shown." How did she do it. I try to imagine what she must have felt, her capacities diminishing. I know she was convinced that it would pass, that this was something to rise above. She... Sign In to Keep Reading

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