Susan Cattaneo’s Songwriting Course: Abracadabra

 susan cattaneo Susan Cattaneo is a Boston-based singer songwriter releasing her fourth album Haunted Heart January 21st (buy it here). Her music has been played on country and Americana radio in over 30 countries, and she recently was a regional finalist for the New Mountain Stage contest. In addition to her performing career, Susan has been teaching Songwriting at the Berklee College of Music for 15 years.

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ABRACADABRA…. When people hear that I teach Songwriting, I often get the question, “Songwriting. How do you teach Songwriting.” For some reason, there’s this misconception that it happens magically for a chosen creative few. Somewhere up in the ether, the great and powerful songwriting magician touches some soul with his wand and voila, a great song hops out of the hat. The truth is that songwriting (like any skill) is something that you can learn, work on and improve upon. Of course, each of us is born with some innate talent, and yes, in some cases, some have more ability to access that creative vault than others. But, writing songs is something everyone can (and in my opinion, should) do. I’ve crafted these five blogs (a new one each Tuesday) for both new songwriters and seasoned pros. Each one will explore different aspects of songwriting, along with exercises to get you inspired! GETTING STARTED: The Hunt for Hooks How do you find... Sign In to Keep Reading

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