Video Premiere: Luke Wade & No Civilians, “The Runaround”

luke waid
The Song: “The Runaround”
The Artist: Texas singer-songwriter Luke Wade & No Civilians.
Who’s That: A lyrically gifted extrovert whose daddy was a painter and momma was a dancer.
Fun Fact: His sophomore album The River was funded entirely by fans via a global Kickstarter campaign.
Songwriter Says: “‘The Runaround’ is an exploration of the age old psychological dilemma, ‘You want what you can’t have,’ through the lens of relationships and sexuality. A woman wants a man who knows what he wants and a man wants a woman who knows she can have whatever she wants just because she’s a certain kind of woman. I tried to write those two characters into the song and lay them on a bed of music as patient, potent, and intimate as the activity in question.”