Guest Blog: Echo Bloom’s Kyle Evans On Songwriting And iMaps

Kyle Evans (Echo Bloom) I've changed my mind on walls.  And it's a good thing too. Whether it's songwriting, booking, or practicing - ours is a business of walls, and how we react when we smash against them.  My realization a few years ago was this: whenever you hit one of these walls you should feel really grateful.  Like jumping up and down in the street grateful.  Why. Because if you realize you've hit a wall, then you're presented with a golden opportunity to not waste time trying to flesh out an idea that isn't going anywhere. And time is really our only limiting factor. Because when you hit a wall, your instinct is telling you that you're working too hard, or too dumbly.  And that instinct - your id - really knows what it's doing.  It's just that sometimes your brain gets in the way.  Which means that you get to: Make a choice.  Instead of just focusing on the execution, you can take a step back and focus on why you're doing what you're doing from a larger perspective.  And nine times out of ten hitting that wall is telling you that the path you've worn has reached its conclusion.  It's time to pick a new direction, and head off into the tangled weeds on the side of the road, which are so often far more interesting than the path you've been walking. This doesn't mean you have to root around blindly for a new direction.  Over the years I've found a few techniques that help me take these walls and turn them into things I look forward to.  One of the first things I do when I get stuck is make an iMap. The basis of the iMap boils down to whether you view a piece of art as something that's wholly original, or as a product of all of the influences of... Sign In to Keep Reading

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