How to Make Real Money Doing Donation-Based House Concerts

shannon2 (Photo: Steve Babuljak) Shannon Curtis is an independent musician and recording artist based in Los Angeles. Her new eBook, No Booker, No Bouncer, No Bartender: How I Made $25K On A 2-Month House Concert Tour (And How You Can Too), is available from all major eBook retailers. How many times have you promoted the heck out of a club show, even gotten a good turnout, only to walk away with barely enough money to cover gas. There are so many people involved in putting on a club show, and each of them has to get paid – the promoter, the venue, the staff, the sound engineer, the other artists on the bill. But at a donation-based house concert, you can actually make money – real money! – performing your music. There is no one else to take a cut; you, the performer, get 100 percent of the proceeds. On my most recent house concert tour, I averaged $500 a night between donations and merch sales. Here are five guidelines to help you increase your bottom line: Find evangelists. Start by finding hosts who are excited to share you and your music with their friends. In my model for house concert touring, all the audience members are there by invitation of the host – your fan. Once the host has talked you up, everyone will be primed to fall in love with your music before you’ve even played a note. Helpful hint: Put the word out to your followers on social media to see who would like to host a show. Tell them it won’t cost them anything to host a house concert (because the show will be donation-based!), and you’ll get more people to respond. Create critical mass. Make sure your host gets a minimum of 20 people to show up for... Sign In to Keep Reading

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