Compose Yourself: A Quick Guide To Titles

beatles_2406448b The premise of the “Compose Yourself” course is that your most valuable musical asset is your musical imagination. However, it doesn’t hurt to have a fine guitar on hand to give voice to your musical thoughts. In general, I have been playing a Hagstrom jazz guitar as backup on the videos. Hagstroms have a light touch and great tone, and I’m very fond of the HJ800 seen in the videos, which offers great value for a modest price. Future presentations will be spiced up with a selection of world-class acoustic and electric guitars generously on loan from Taylor Guitars, who happen to be friends and neighbors of mine here in San Diego. Video 1.2 has a performance of a Scottish folk tune on an 518e Grand Orchestra (cutaway electric) acoustic (at 6:10). Video 1.28 features a prototype of the new 8.14ce (cutaway electric), designed and built by Taylor’s master luthier, Andy Powers. The tone is exquisite—unfortunately, you can barely see it, but I’ll correct that in a future video. Taylor is constantly testing, evolving and improving, and I’ve been very impressed with their latest instruments. It’s a privilege to have the chance to share them with you in this series. (This is a voluntary, unpaid endorsement.) There are now 28 videos on the “Songwriting ABCs” channel on YouTube and posted here at We have completed the course overview, the introduction to sight-reading rhythm, and are now in the midst of showing how to read and play the examples from Excerpt 1. The videos are averaging about six minutes each. Twenty-eight videos are a lot to keep track of, so this month’s blog provides a quick reference guide to all video titles. This compendium... Sign In to Keep Reading

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